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Spring Tme in Vancouver


One of the best times in Vancouver is in the Spring. The flowers begin to bloom, people are happy and enjoying the outdoors, and the weather seems to invite more people to visit the city. Where else can you play golf, dine outside, and ski in the same day? Vancouver has it all.

Vancouver has its glorious mountain tops to view from every corner of the city, and because of Vancouver's climate, the snow appears and leaves the next day. Cypress and Seymour Mountain are based on the North Shore, only a short Seabus or 15 -30 minute ride away. You can cross the Lions Gate Bridge to get there and see scenic views of the whole city. You can always head up to Whistler-Blackcomb where the 2010 Winter Olympics will be held and ski the day away.

Then there are the other activities like Golf. Fore! Can you imagine teeing off with your friends and then dining by the waterfront after. Most of the restaurants have above heaters if you feel chilly still, but some restaurants like Monk McQueens give you cozy blankets. Spring is the best way to plan a trip, or if you are living in Vancouver. Especially because it leads to the Summer!

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