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Top 8 Budget Vancouver Hotels


If you are travelling on a budget and you want to spend more of your money on attractions and sightseeing than on a hotel, check out these great Vancouver budget hotels. Some hotels in Vancouver are just too pricy for most tourists, but you'll find these budget hotels to be comfortable, clean, and close to where all the action is.

1. Ramada Inns and Suites Downtown Vancouver

Photo (c) Ramada Worldwide
1221 Granville Street.
Vancouver, British Columbia
Check out one of Vancouver's newest art deco boutique hotels at a reasonable price and enjoy a comfortable night stay at one of the biggest hotel chains world wide.

2. Empire Landmark Hotel

Photo (c) Empire Landmark Hotel
1400 Robson Street.
Vancouver, British Columbia
Enjoy scenic views from the tallest building in Vancouver, British Columbia. This hotel has phenomenal views of the North Shore mountains and the rest of downtown Vancouver. It is also has one of the best award winning restaurants in the city, called Cloud 9.

3. Century Plaza Hotel

Photo (c) Century Plaza Hotel
1015 Burrard Street.
Vancouver, British Columbia
Tel:604-687-0575 This hotel is affordable and trendy and it has pillar booths as well as rooms with kitchenettes in some suites. It has a home away from home feeling and the staff is really friendly. Located in the center of downtown, this hotel is ideal for business travellers and families.

4. Comfort Inn Downtown

Photo (c) Comfort Inn Downtown
654 Nelson Street.
Vancouver, British Columbia
Tel: 604-605-4333
Located close to Vancouver's top attractions and right in the heart of the entertainment district. You can stay in a comfortable hotel at an affordable price and be within walking distance from shops, restaurants and all the fun the city has to offer.

5. Sylvia Hotel

Photo (c) Sylvia Hotel
1154 Gilford Street.
Vancouver, BC.
Tel: 604-681-9321
Stay at this historic hotel located right on the beach in English Bay. It is close to Stanley Park, restaurants, and shopping. Cozy and charming are some of the many words to describe this friendly and welcoming hotel. This hotel was also the first hotel to open a cocktail bar in 1954, the Sylvia Restaurant and Lounge.

6. St. Regis Hotel

Photo (c) St.Regis Hotel
602 Dunsmuir Street.
Vancouver, BC.
This hotel is reasonably priced and great for business travelers. Located in Vancouver's financial district, this hotel has 72 newly renovated rooms. It has business services, a fitness facility and a restaurant and lounge for all guests to enjoy. Try a steak at the Gotham steakhouse!

7. Budget Inn Patricia Hotel

Photo (c) Budget Inn
403 Hastings Street East.
Vancouver, BC.
Tel: 604-255-4301
This heritage style hotel has great rates for a traveler on a budget and it is cozy and warm. It is located on the edge of the downtown core and just a short walk from historic Chinatown. The hotel features Pat's Pub and Brewhouse where you can taste micro-brewed beers. Enjoy free WI-FI internet access, a morning coffee and a coin laundry.

8. The Dominion Hotel

Photo (c) The Dominion Hotel
210 Abbott Street.
Tel: 604-681-6666
Dominion Hotel is Vancouver's only budget-art hotel. All rooms are private with bath or shower. All rooms have installations by Vancouver artists, so no two rooms are the same!
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