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Kitsilano, Vancouver, British Columbia


Kitsilano, Vancouver, British Columbia
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Introducing Kitsilano Vancouver:

Known as ‘Kits’, this hot spot in Vancouver is a home to a majority of University of British Columbia students and new families looking to start out. It is host to a variety of restaurants, pubs, coffee houses, food markets, and yoga studios. Vancouver’s Greek Town is located here and there is a large Hellenic Community Festival celebrated here every year. Opa!

More on Kitsilano:

The housing can be expensive, and recently Kitsilano has been noted as one of the most expensive real estate markets to invest in. The neighbourhood speaks for itself and has a variety of charming qualities. Kitsilano brings thought of a healthier approach to life. People are healthy, enjoying the weather, and generally smiling.

The neighbourhood of Kitsilano is located between two popular beaches called Jericho Beach and Kitsilano Beach. Both beaches are located on the beautiful shores of English Bay. It is located between the streets of Alma and Burrard and visitors, or locals alike, can enjoy beauty on every street they turn. The heart of Kitsilano lies within the two most popular streets known as West Broadway and West 4th Avenue. This neighbourhood is completely different from the hustle and bustle of downtown Vancouver and it attracts millions of people every year.

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