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Travellers Deck - 100 Best Local Places to Eat and Shop in Vancouver

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Travellers Deck

Travellers Deck of Cards

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The Bottom Line

A fantastic concept that provides tourists and locals with the inside scoop on all popular shops and restaurants in the city of Vancouver! A creative idea, with passionate advice! This product helps visitors be in the 'know' and allows them to see all that Vancouver can offer. Shuffle the cards and GO!
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  • Great for tourists visiting Vancouver!
  • Provides 100 of the best shops and restaurants for locals and visitors to explore.
  • This product is affordable and a fantastic gift idea for family, colleagues, or friends.


  • Nothing to report. How can anyone go wrong with this inexpensive creative product?!


  • A great idea for tourists and locals!
  • This product presents visitors with a true Vancouver, BC experience.
  • Affordable and great as a gift for the people you care about.

Guide Review - Travellers Deck - 100 Best Local Places to Eat and Shop in Vancouver

What a fantastic idea! Travellers Deck is a brand new tourism concept for 2010 and 2011. It is perfect for tourists, and locals alike, and features 100 best local places to eat and shop in Vancouver. Traveller's Deck is a funky pack of cards that feature 100 discounts on popular shops and restaurants around Vancouver's top neighbourhoods. The number one tourist visited neighbourhoods are Yaletown, Downtown, Kitsilano,South Granville, South Main/Cambie Village, and Commercial Drive.

This wonderful deck features fold out maps for these popular neighbourhoods so you won't get lost when looking for a hot spot that is included in the pack. Travellers Deck provides tourists and locals with the inside scoop on what's 'hot' in the city! From hip West Coast fashion, to globally influenced cuisine, this deck has it all! Buy one as a gift for that shopoholic, or foodie that you love, or treat yourself to some amazing discounts in Vancouver. Travellers Deck has a top 100 list of the best places to dine, and shop such as the Ouisi Bistro, Glowbal Grill and Satay Bar, BeautyMark, and Umeboshi Shoes.

Travellers Deck avoids listing and getting involved with commercial chains and tourist traps, and focuses on hidden gems within the city. Shop and eat your way through one of the best cities in the world!

The team at Travellers Deck are true Vancouverites that are extremely passionate about the city and all it has to offer its tourists and locals. The team and contributing review writers provide honest and independent reviews, as well as up-to-date, accurate information. The company was inspired by a local, successful woman that holds this philosophy: "As diverse as the world we live in, the one thing that connects us all is a desire to lead a life filled with rich experiences."

How it Works:

Step 1- Choose one of the five neighbourhood decks to locate shops and restaurants.

Step 2- Check the main neighbourhood card to see where to locate certain shops and restaurants.

Step 3- Shuffle the cards and choose one to see where your next adventure will lead you.

Step 4- Use the card and keep it as a souvenir of your jaunts around the city of Vancouver! (Show the server or shop attendant the card so they can initial it, showing that you have used the discount.)

Step 5 - HAVE FUN!

Average Price Ranges (as stated on the Travellers Deck):

Shopping (average price per item)

$ - Wallet Friendly
$$ - Moderate Retail Therapy
$$$ - Splurgeworthy

$ - < $15
$$ - $15 to $25
$$$ - $25+

Please note: *Decks are also available in Spanish, Japanese and Chinese*

Travellers Deck
#208 - 1750 West 3rd Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6G 1K4
Email: info@travellersdeck.com
"As in the travel and tourism industry, products are provided at times for review, but do not influence the way in which the review is written."

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