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Where to Eat in Downtown Vancouver

Restaurants, Dining, and Food Carts in the City Center


Downtown Vancouver is not the city's best dining district, but it is close to all the major hotels and city center attractions. These restaurants in downtown Vancouver span everything from street-side eats and quick, inexpensive lunches to tasting menus in the city's finest dining rooms.

Great Downtown Vancouver Restaurants:

1. Japadog

© Chloë Ernst
The concept is simple: take a hot dog and add Japanese-cuisine toppings like nori, teriyaki sauce, miso, and even noodles. There are multiple street-side locations of Japadog in downtown Vancouver, as well as a bricks-and-mortar eatery. The tastes can be polarizing (especially if you're used to ballpark mustard), but a Japadog hot dog is a staple of downtown dining.
Address: 530 Robson St.
Phone: 604-569-1158
Cuisine: Japanese hot dogs
Price-range: Inexpensive

2. Downtown Food Carts

© Chloë Ernst
Prior to 2010, hot dogs and chestnuts were about the extent of Vancouver's street food scene. But the city has eased regulations to allow dozens of food trucks to set up near downtown corners. Two long-time favorites include Re-Up BBQ near the Vancouver Art Gallery and Kaboom Box on Granville Street at Robson.

3. Nuba

© Chloë Ernst
From hummus and roasted cauliflower to grilled lamb, the food here is simple and fantastic. Dine on a falafel platter at the bargain end of the menu, or settle into a multi-person feast. With reasonable prices and good food, locations of this restaurant attract a friendly, fun crowd.
Address: 1206 Seymour St. / 207-B W. Hastings St.
Phone:  778-371-3266 / 604-688-1655
Cuisine: Lebanese
Price-range: Moderate

4. Le Crocodile

© Chloë Ernst
For an upscale lunch or lavish dinner, Le Crocodile has been a long-time favorite in the downtown core. It's tucked away, but handy to Burrard Street. Expect wonderfully executed French cuisine and attentive service.
Address: 909 Burrard St.
Phone: 604-669-4298
Cuisine: French
Price-range: Expensive to very expensive
Reservations: Recommended

5. The Templeton

A good diner is a worthwhile visit in any city, and this downtown Vancouver eatery goes above with organic beef burgers, late breakfasts, and vegetarian offerings.
Address: 1087 Granville St.
Phone: 604-685-4612
Cuisine: American
Price-range: Inexpensive

6. Hubbub Sandwiches

A quick, inexpensive lunch that's also healthy is a find for fryer-weary travelers. Quinoa salad, roasted veggie sandwiches, and fresh soups are listed on this deli menu.
Address: 859 Hornby St.
Phone: 604-568-3398
Cuisine: Deli
Price-range: Inexpensive

7. Sala Thai

This dining room feels quite apart from the hustle of Burrard Street, perhaps due to the exotic textiles, fine wood carvings, and tropical cocktails on offer. The freshly prepared Thai cuisine is reliable and the dining room is large and lively.
Address: 888 Burrard St.
Phone: 604-683-7999
Cuisine: Thai
Price-range: Moderate

8. Hawksworth

© Chloë Ernst
A fine dining room with fantastic Canadian artworks in the luxury Rosewood Hotel Georgia is a destination for the well-heeled. Namesake chef David Hawksworth has garnered scads of Canadian and international praise for his locally sourced dishes.
Address: 801 W. Georgia St.
Phone: 604-673-7000
Cuisine: Canadian
Price-range: Very expensive
Reservations: Recommended

9. West End Restaurants

© Chloë Ernst
While dining options in downtown Vancouver are good, head to the West End for greater diversity and plenty of budget-priced eateries. The neighborhood has multiple options on every block, often serving sushi, Korean, or noodles.

10. Coal Harbour Restaurants

© Chloë Ernst
Coal Harbour is often grouped with downtown or the West End, but where it stands truly apart is in its lovely waterfront patios and residential-feel eateries. Stop into great neighborhood dining spots like Tableau Bar Bistro and Cardero's.
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