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Dine Out Vancouver Restaurant Festival

Take in Vancouver's Food Scene with Fixed-price Menus at Top Restaurants


Dine Out Vancouver Restaurant Festival

One of the many Korean restaurants in Vancouver's West End.

© Chloë Ernst

Tourism Vancouver runs an annual, 17-day dining festival called Dine Out Vancouver, when many of the city's top restaurants offer bargain, fixed-priced menus. You can view restaurant menus, see the lists of participating restaurants, and find reservation information through the Dine Out Vancouver web site.

The winter event runs in conjunction with foodie tours and classes, and discount hotel room rates at many properties. Additional festival events include culinary classes, long-table dinners, theater performances, and a weekend gathering of Vancouver's food trucks.

What is Dine Out Vancouver?

The main festival experience is dining on the set, fixed-price menus at many of Vancouver's top restaurants. Prices tend to be less that what you'd pay regularly, and the restaurants are grouped into three pricing levels: $18, $28, and $38 (as of 2014).

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