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Best Chinese Food in Vancouver


Best Chinese Food in Vancouver

Head to Chinatown in Vancouver to be tempted by the local Chinese restaurants.

photo by Chloë Ernst

About one-fifth of Vancouver’s population claims Chinese ancestry, making the city one of the best places in the world to taste your way through Chinese cuisine’s traditional and regional varieties. Sample the diversity of Vancouver’s Chinese restaurants – be it locally caught seafood, quick Chinese takeout, or innovative tapas-like menus.

Modern Chinese Food at Bao Bei

Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie serves small plates that are ideal for sharing over drinks. Opened in 2010, Bao Bei is a refreshing take on Chinese cuisine with lots of vegetables and taste fusions. There’s a daily style of fried rice, sunny-side-up eggs to order as a side dish, and a version of beef noodle soup. One of the best Chinese restaurants in Vancouver, Bao Bei doesn’t accept reservations (except for groups), so you’ll have to arrive early or enjoy a drink at the social bar before grabbing a table.

  • Address: 163 Keefer St.
  • Telephone: 604-688-0876
  • Neighborhood: Chinatown

Connie’s Cookhouse in Kitsilano

The menu at Connie’s will look a little more familiar than at Bao Bei, with stir-fry dishes, chow mein, and spring rolls. A local favorite for decades, the best time to drop in is for the cheap lunch specials. Connie’s lies a five-minute walk from Kitsilano Beach, making the Chinese restaurant a convenient and tasty option for an impromptu beach picnic.

  • Address: 2135 West 4th Ave.
  • Telephone: 604-738-0980
  • Neighborhood: Kitsilano

Wun-Tun Noodles at Hon’s

Like many owners of Chinese restaurants in Vancouver, Hon Kwong Ip emigrated from Hong Kong to Vancouver in the 1970s. He opened his first Chinese restaurant in Chinatown, serving wun-tun noodles and Cantonese cuisine. The chain, Hon’s Wun-Tun House, now has four Chinese food restaurants in the Vancouver area. Best known for the Hong Kong-style wun-tun noodles and crisp potstickers, the dining rooms are a no-frills spot for a hot lunch. The two most central locations are on Robson Street in the West End and on Keefer Street in Chinatown.

  • Address: 268 Keefer St. and 1339 Robson St.
  • Telephone: 604-688-0871 and 604-685-0871
  • Neighborhood: Chinatown and the West End

Soup Dumplings at Shanghai River

Venture out to Richmond by the Canada Line to marvel at the Chinese food that’s available throughout the city. A local favorite Chinese restaurant is Shanghai River with its soup-filled dumplings, handmade on-site. You’ll have to be nimble with chopsticks to eat the steamed dumplings, which are filled with meat or vegetables and broth.

  • Address: 7831 Westminster Hwy., Richmond
  • Telephone: 604-233-8885
  • Neighborhood: Richmond

Sun Sui Wah Seafood

Tanks of seafood sit at one end of the huge second-floor dining room at Sun Sui Wah. This Main Street Chinese restaurant is ideal for groups, with large tables and a huge variety of dishes. A house specialty is roasted squab. The birds, domestic pigeons, are raised in the nearby Fraser Valley and diners revere the poultry for its health benefits. Other house delicacies are the Alaskan king crab and, when in season, local spot prawns.

  • Address: 3888 Main St.
  • Telephone: 604-872-8822
  • Neighborhood: Main Street-East Side

More Chinese Food

For a true taster menu of Chinese food in Vancouver, visit the night markets held in Chinatown and Richmond on summer weekends. Dozens of food stalls allow you to sample smaller portions and enjoying endless variety within steps.

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