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Salade de Fruits Bistro

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Salade de Fruits Bistro

The Bottom Line

Salade de Fruits Cafe Bistro
1551 West 7th Avenue, Vancouver, BC.
Tel: 604-714-5987


  • Very good service.
  • Nicely located and convenient.
  • Close to Kitsilano and downtown attractions.
  • Excellent French cuisine!


  • no con's to report!


  • Fine French cuisine at a reasonable price!
  • Located in cozy Kitsilano.
  • The NY Peppercron steak was exceptionally tasty.

Guide Review - Salade de Fruits Bistro

Check out this hot French Restaurant and Cafe in Vancouver. Located in the little area of Kitsilano, this restaurant will dazzle you with their NY Peppercorn Steak and their Soup de Jour. The house wine is a great price for people on a budget and they serve popular brands. Try the calamar frits! The service is great and the staff have a great sense of humour.

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