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Blue Water Cafe: A Guide Review

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Blue Water Cafe: A Guide Review
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The Bottom Line

The Blue Water Cafe and Raw Bar's Chef Frank Pabst specializes in fresh, wild seafood. The Raw Bar includes sashimi, fresh oysters, sushi and more! The restaurant is located in trendy Yaletown, known as the old warehouse district of Vancouver. Choose from fabulous, taste bud tingling appetizers, an extensive wine list, and fresh martinis made with fresh juice squeezed on the spot.


  • Fabulous and fresh seafood selections
  • Food sevice is excellent
  • Colorful designs and color coordination
  • Classy and refined
  • Celebrities frequent Blue Water Cafe!


  • Close to a rowdy nightclub
  • Very expensive to dine here
  • Somewhat intimidating


  • "Fresh seafood, scallops, shucked oysters and more! What more could I ask for!"
  • "Finally a place where I can spend my paycheck on, and it is worth it! Classy and clean."
  • "The Blue Water Cafe is nothing short of exquisite, and the staff and service were timely and knowledgeable."

Guide Review - Blue Water Cafe: A Guide Review

1095 Hamilton Street, Vancouver.
Tel: 604.688.8078
Fax: 604.688.8978
Email: info@bluewatercafe.net

It's true, this place is truly expensive, and you might have to sell your car for a martini, but you might find a night out at Blue Water Cafe will make you feel like the rich and famous. One night at the restaurant won't break your bank, but 3 nights a week possibly. The food was exquisite, and the fresh Galiano Island Swimming Scallops with capers, lemons, and tomatoes to start was amazing. I decided to be a bit daring, and splurge for the lobster as an entree. As I only get to enjoy lobster once every 6 months to a year, I thought it was a good choice. The lobster was so tasty and I had it steamed in the shell, with baby vegetables and herb crushed potatoes. What a treat!

I must say it was quite the interesting night because as I was enjoying my garlic buttered lobster, Robert Dinero walked by with his mob. This place is loved by celebrities! I would recommend sharing an appetizer if you're on a budget, and splurging on the entree. The appetizers might be pricy and not as big as you expected. Many juicy looking sirloin steaks passed by me, but they are not as big as you would think for the price they charge. I found the desserts were the same. Small and skimpy. My advice is to choose wisely. Overall, the food was great and I give Blue Water Cafe 4.5 stars.

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