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Plan Your Trip to Vancouver, British Columbia


Plan a trip to beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia based on how long you can stay and your own interests. Get the details covered, like arranging transportation to the city, getting to know the city's neighborhoods, and planning an itinerary. Then, watch our About.com travel videos to get a preview of the city.
  1. Getting to Vancouver
  2. Getting Around Vancouver
  3. Neighborhood Visitor Guides
  1. Booking a Vancouver Hotel
  2. Trip Itineraries
  3. Travel Videos

Getting to Vancouver

You can reach Vancouver by land, air, and ocean. How you travel to Vancouver depends on your time line, place of departure, and budget. Find out more about getting to Vancouver and beginning your vacation.

Getting Around Vancouver

Sea bus Vancouver, BC

Just like getting to Vancouver, you have options in how you get around the city. Rental cars, public transportation, and ferries all have their advantages.

Neighborhood Visitor Guides

Each Vancouver neighborhood has its own character, attractions, and restaurant scene. If you like upscale nightlife head to Yaletown, stay in the West End for family-friendly activities, and visit Gastown to admire historic buildings and learn quirky city tales.

Booking a Vancouver Hotel

Where you stay in Vancouver can be a vacation-making choice. Having restaurants, bars, and attractions near the hotel can help you fit more into your trip itinerary.

Trip Itineraries

Pack the most into your Vancouver trip with these travel itineraries. Each highlights the best of the city when you only have a day or two to explore.

Travel Videos

Take a look at these About.com Vancouver Travel videos to get a real sense of the city. See the beaches, attractions, and neighborhoods that are favorites with Vancouver locals and visitors.

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