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Vancouver Travel Planning

Going to Vancouver? Cruise passengers, budget travelers, and families can all plan a trip starting with the essentials: arriving in the city, getting around, and selecting the best hotels, attractions, and restaurants.
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Plan Your Trip to Vancouver, British Columbia
Plan a trip to beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia based on how long you can stay and your own interests. Get the details covered, like arranging transportation to the city, getting to know the city's neighborhoods, and planning an itinerary.

British Columbia for Visitors
Visit with British Columbia and all of its regions and cities. Enjoy beautiful scenic views, swimming, hiking and skiing.

Plan Your Trip
Before you plan your trip to Vancouver, BC, Canada you might want to do some research, and find the best resources for your travel planning needs. Find everything you need to plan your trip.

What Things Cost in Vancouver
Use this guide to estimate what things cost in Vancouver -- from bus fare to beer. Average prices for hotels, meals, and entertainment help you plan your trip.

Vancouver Travel Videos
Plan your Vancouver vacation with these travel videos -- which cover what to do and see, Vancouver neighborhoods, and travel tips.

See Vancouver in Two Days
See the best of Vancouver, British Columbia in only two days. You will enjoy some delicious meals, see some culture and take in breathtaking scenic views.

Best of Vancouver in One Day
Enjoy culture, nature, art and tasty cuisine all in a one day in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Vancouver Nicknames
Get to know Vancouver better by learning the city's many nicknames -- be it Rain City, Lotusland, or Hollywood North.

Staying Safe in Vancouver
Stay safe in Vancouver and learn a few tips on what places to avoid and which places are safer than others. Vancouver is a safe city, but every big city have its crime.

Vancouver Luggage Storage
Baggage storage services provide secure places to leave your luggage at the airport, train and bus station, and cruise terminal in Vancouver.

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