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Granville Island Nightlife

Theater, Improv, Live Music, and Bars on Vancouver's Granville Island


Come evening, Granville Island activity moves from the public market to the theaters, restaurants, and bars. There are live performances, including plays, bands, and improv on the island. And cocktail bars and brewpubs provide the fuel for a fun night out.

1. Theater and Improv on Granville Island

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Only Downtown venues equal the concentration of theaters on Granville Island. The Arts Club (1585 Johnston St.; 604-687-1644) produces a full season on contemporary plays and musicals on their Granville Island and Revue stages. Vancouver TheatreSports League gets up to hilarious hijinks at the Improv Centre (1502 Duranleau St.; 604-738-7013), and you can sip a beer while watching the comedy unfold.

Other performance spaces on Granville Island include Waterfront Theatre and Performance Works. Both present a variety of works, perhaps a play from the Vancouver International Fringe Festival in autumn or a modern musical. And Carousel Theatre is also based on Granville Island, presenting works for children and families.

2. Granville Island Bars and Music

Granville Island has more theaters than bars, which bodes well for the neighborhood's cultural life. But where can you grab a drink? Many Granville Island restaurants have bar seating, including Edible Canada (1596 Johnston St.; 604-682-6681), The Sandbar (102 - 1535 Johnston St.; 604-669-9030), Bridges (1696 Duranleau St.; 604-687-4400), and The Keg (1499 Anderson St.; 604-685-4735).

The Backstage Lounge (1585 Johnston St.; 604-687-1354) is a favorite for its regular live music performances and busy dance floor. Bands can range from rock to jazz and funk, making it a good destination for a wide age-range.

Dockside Restaurant (1253 Johnston St.; 604-685-7070) has a large stylish patio and brewpub, tucked away at the Granville Island Hotel. And Cats Social House (1540 Old Bridge Rd.; 604-647-2287) is a quiet, inexpensive spot for a casual drink.

3. Granville Island Brewing Company

This once-small microbrewery has become a household name when it comes to beer. Afternoon tours lead to a night out on the island. You can order up a local beer in the Taproom, or buy a sampling of the Granville Island beers to take back to your home or hotel.
Address: 1441 Cartwright St.
Phone: 604-687-2739
Price-range: Inexpensive
Hours: Tours run daily, on a set schedule
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