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Granville Island Shopping Guide

Markets, Artist Studios, Boutiques on False Creek


Granville Island's small studios and busy markets draw in locals and visitors with their hand-made crafts and tasty foods. But the island is also home to a few fashionable boutiques, specialty marine stores, and paper emporiums.

Simply put, the island is one of Vancouver's best shopping areas. You can wander pedestrian-friendly streets to browse small storefronts, then stay on the island for dinner at a Granville Island restaurant or to enjoy the local arts-centered nightlife.

1. Where to Shop on Granville Island

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A look at Granville Island shopping must begin with the markets -- yes, that's plural. The Granville Island Public Market is the best known, with its stalls of produce, meats, and rare ingredients. But the summer farmers' market is another favorite spot with foodies. Buskers play as you check out Fraser Valley cheeses or local kale. The Kids Market is a no-brainer for families, as the large building houses toy shops and play areas.

After hitting the markets, you can follow the small allr to look for uncommon boutiques or the studios and galleries of working artisans. Railspur Alley is a top spot to stroll for arts, and you can find eclectic goods and fashion along Duranleau Street and in the Net Loft.

2. Edibles on Granville Island

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Food is very much a pleasure on Granville Island. From markets to a sake-maker, there are wonderful things to taste at:

  • Granville Island Public Market, 1669 Johnston St., 604-666-6477
  • Artisan Sake-Maker, 1339 Railspur Alley, 604-685-7253
  • Edible Canada, 1596 Johnston St., 604-682-6681
  • Lobsterman, 1807 Mast Tower Rd., 604-687-4531
  • Rogers' Chocolates, 1571 Johnston St., 778-371-7314

3. Shopping for Kids

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The Kids Market, at 1496 Cartwright St., is the number one stop for children's gifts and craft supplies. The sprawling market includes toy shops like Kaboodles, Camelot Kids, and Granville Island Toy Company. There are specialty shops too, like Clownin' Around Magic, Kites & Puppets, and Skyline Remote Control Toys (all being pretty self-explanatory). You can even get pretty paper for writing a letter at I'm Impressed Paper Arts, and then mail it off at the on-site post office.

4. Arts, Crafts, Fashion, and Eclectic Items

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Granville Island offers unique items galore. Besides the studios and galleries on the island, there are small boutiques that stock goodies from local designers and quality producers.

The best way to find an uncommon treasure is by wandering along Railspur Alley, through the Net Loft, or down the alleys off Duranleau Street to see what you can find. But to help you get started, here are a few long-time favorites by location.

Railspur District:

  • Alarte Silks, 1369 Railspur Alley, 778-370-4304
  • Aurum-Argentum Goldsmiths, 1351 Railspur Alley, 604-692-2522
  • Crafthouse (Craft Council of BC), 1386 Cartwright St., 604-687-7270
  • Dalbergia Wood + Fine Objects, 1333 Railspur Alley, 604-669-9663
  • Forge & Form, 1334 Cartwright St., 604-684-6298
  • Gallery of BC Ceramics, 1359 Cartwright St., 604-669-3606
  • Granville Island Broom Company, 1406 Old Bridge St., 604-629-1141
  • Hartman Leather, 1345 Railspur Alley, 604-685-0880
  • New-Small and Sterling Studio Glass, 1440 Old Bridge St., 604-681-6730
  • Opus Art Supplies, 1360 Johnston St., 604-736-7028
  • Sadryna Design, 1321 Railspur Alley, 604-313-7724

Net Loft area:

  • Amity Design Studio, 8 - 1666 Johnston St., 604-648-0339
  • Blackberry Books, 110 - 1666 Johnston St., 604-685-6188
  • Circle Craft Co-op, 1 - 1666 Johnston St., 604-669-8021
  • The Granville Island Hat Shop, 4 - 1666 Johnston St., 604-683-4280
  • Geza Burghardt Luthiery, 1645 Duranleau St., 604-683-1135
  • Kingsmill Pottery Studio, 1620 Johnston St., 604-682-6575
  • KROMA Artist's Acrylics, 1649 Duranleau St., 604-669-4030
  • Little Dream, 1666 Duranleau St., 604-683-6930
  • Maiwa Supply, 1663 Duranleau St., 604-669-3939
  • Market Kitchen, 2 - 1666 Johnston St., 604-681-7399
  • Paper-Ya, 9 - 1666 Johnston St., 604-684-2531
  • Wickaninnish Gallery, 14 - 1666 Johnston St., 604-681-1057
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