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Spend a Romantic Valentine's Day and Night at Home


If you are looking to spend time alone with your loved one instead of the hustle and bustle of restaurant line ups and travel hypes, then why not put together a romantic day, or night for you and your partner. Plan a massage fest, a cozy movie night, or a candle light dinner for the both of you. Here are five suggestions to get you planning your 'love day'.

1. Ask your Partner First

Ask your partner what they might feel like doing at home on Valentine's Day. Do they want a surprise? Do they want to get pampered? Or do they want to watch romantic movies? This time alone will be quality time and you can plan to do a variety of things with each other. Check out what your partner wants to do, or hint around to get a feel of what they want to do this Valentine's Day.

2. Pamper! Pamper! Pamper!

Both of you can enjoy a spa day at home full of massages, bathes, sitting around in robes and pampering eachother all day long. Buy bath products such as flower petals, salts, candles and insense or pot pourri around the bathroom. Bring some champagne, wine or whatever your favorite drink is, accompanied by strawberries, Godiva chocolates, and other snacks such as cheese or aphrodisiacs like oysters. Make sure you have some romantic music to put on in the background that will get you in the romantic mood. Comb each other hair and wash each other in a loving way in the bath.

3. A Romantic Dinner for Two

If you live in a warm climate then you might have the option of planning a romantic backyard dinner on your patio, or on some blankets and cushions on the grass. Spread candles all around the backyard and even use torches if possible. Set up a lovely spread of appetizers such as cheese, crackers, fruits and vegetable dips. If you are in a colder climate then you will want to make this romantic dinner to happen in your living room. Move all the furniture and place your spread of food on the carpet. Set the room to a mood and enjoy your evening 'o' loving.

4. Classic Romance on Film

Watch some old classics with your love while cuddling up on the couch. Rent movies such as Sleepless in Seattle, The Notebook, Titanic, What Dreams May Come, Before Sunset, When a Man Loves a Woman, Frankie & Johnny, or the classic Casablance to get the romance flowing. Enjoy a wine, crackers, grapes and cheese plater, along with a cozy blanket for two. Happy Valentine's Day!

5. Massage your Partner

Buy some scented oils, massage lotions and whatever else you think smells good! Put out a comfortable blanket and pillow for you and your partner and then give each other massages. Don't forget the wine and cheese plate! This will surely keep you warm on Valentine's Day.
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