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Before You Make Plans for Valentine's Day, Think About how you Want to Spend it!


Welcome to the Vancouver/British Columbia Valentine's Day Guide where you can plan your Valentine's Day just the way you want it! You will find ideas on what movies to see, gifts, how to treat yourself, what resorts to escape to, and romantic restaurants. You will also find ideas on what to do if you are flying solo on this 2010 love day, or how to spend the perfect Valentine's Day at home with you loved one.

Plan a Hotel or Resort Escape!

Whisk your love away for a Valentine's Day weekend or night! Take them away from the hustle and bustle of every day life, and enjoy a spa day, romantic fine dining, resort adventures, and excellent hospitality. Discover romantic hotel escapes in Vancouver and all around British Columbia. Find a romantic bed and breakfast, a luxury hotel and spa, or a room with a view!

Need some Valentine's Day Gift Ideas?

You might be puzzled on what to buy your partner, or date for Valentine's Day, or you might be deciding between a few things. If you are completely stuck for ideas then try some of these top gift ideas. Remember, it is the thought that counts!

Go to a Valentine's Day event and take your partner out for some loving fun!

Valentine's Day does not always have to be about planning private time for two. You can attend one of Vancouver's many Valentine's Day events and mingle with other people, see a concert, or attend a masked ball. Enjoy these top event suggestions for Valentine's Day.

Want to go Clubbing on Valentine's Day?

If you're looking to boogy down on this night of love, then check out some of the hottest nightclubs in Vancouver, British Columbia. Enjoy pubs, lounges, and events on Valentine's Day!

Are you flying solo for Valentine's Day?

If your on your own on Valentine's Day, then make sure you love yourself just as much as you would love another. Treat yourself to some tasty food and take care of yourself this love day. There is no need for tears! Enjoy the peaceful time of being with yourself.

Choose a Romantic Restaurant for Valentine's Day!

Looking for a romantic restaurant for Valentine's Day? Look no further and check out these popular romantic restaurants. Remember to book early to avoid dissapointment. There are even 5 budget date suggestions for people who cannot afford the fancy restaurants at the moment, but want to take out there loved one. Bon appetite!

Lights, Camera, Action = Romance!

Rent some truly romantic movie classics for Valentine's Day and stay in with a bottle of wine and some yummy appetizers. Choose oysters!Fall in love all over again by watching love classics like Sleepless in Seattle, Before Sunrise, Frankie & Johnny, or Casablanca! Enjoy these top romantic movie picks.

Want to Plan a Romantic Evening at Home?

You can enjoy Valentine's Day just the same with planning a romantic and cozy evening at home for you and your loved one. Here are some ideas to help you get started on making your Valentine's night one of the most romantic of the year.
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