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Aquabus Ferries in Vancouver, British Columbia


Aquabus Vancouver
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The Aquabus idea was created in 1979 when these electric ferries launched across the area of False Creek in downtown Vancouver. Jeff Pratt, an operator of the ferry in 1982, froze as he traveled back and forth along False Creek on rainy winter days. He never even though he would become the operator of twelve ferries one day called the Aquabus ferries.

Four of these ferries were in full steam by the time EXPO 86 came around and now Cyquabus IV will launch spring of 2008. The Aquabus ferries are always in service whether sunny or rainy. The rainbow colors on each one are noticeable from far away and you can catch one from quite a few areas downtown. Hotels, restaurants, attractions and more are only a few steps from a ferry dock and you can catch one from any of these locations:

David Lam Park at Homer Street
Stamp's Landing
Spyglass Place
Hornby Street's south dock
Yaletown at Davie Street
Science World
Granville Island next to the Arts Club Theatre
Edgewater Casino/Plaza of Nations
A few notes to remember:

1- If you want to take a bicycle across the water take the Cquabus for an extra 50 cents per ride.

2- If you bring a dog they must be on a leash.

3- Hours of operation can change, so always check for new information.

4-If you bring a stroller you must break it down before climbing aboard.

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