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Celebrities Nightclub in Downtown Vancouver

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Celebrities Nightclub in Downtown Vancouver
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The Bottom Line

Celebrities Nightclub
1022 Davie Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 1M3, Canada


  • Cheap cover
  • Cheap drinks and shooters
  • Hot events and shows


  • A big line up on weekends.


  • Best bar for shows, drinks and dancing!
  • Fantastic fun for people who like to party into the hours of the morning.
  • Tons of color, cheap cover and great people! Very welcoming to all!

Guide Review - Celebrities Nightclub in Downtown Vancouver

Celebrities Night Club is one of the hottest gay clubs in Vancouver, British Columbia. There is always an event going on at Celebrities. There always have DJ's and phenomenal music going on throughout the week, and there are many concerts taking place as well. There is a cheap cover, drag shows, events and cheap shooters.
This place is always booming and anyone is welcome. If you are the type of party person that likes to party until the sun rises, this place is for you!

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