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Vancouver Pride Parade 2009


Vancouver Pride Parade 2009
Photo (c) Vancouverpride.ca
Vancouver Pride Parade
Sunday August 2nd, 12:00pm

The Vancouver Pride Parade began as a small protest march that carried through Davie Village. It grew into a world famous Pride Parade that attracts people from all over the world. Supporters from the LGBT community in the city of Vancouver are also major supporters of Vancouver Pride. This parade show's how accepting Canada is and how the country values the diversity of its people.

The parade grows bigger every year and provides inspiration to the LGBT community all over the world. The Pride parade started with the peaceful protest "We're here! We're queer!" which has led more of the community to pull together to fight for human rights.

Last year in 2008 over 500,000 people attended and this year we're sure there will be even more people. The parade is on August 2nd and the route starts in the center of the city at Robson Street and Thurlow Street. It starts at 12:00pm on Sunday and it will head West down to Denman Street. It then follows to Pacific Street and Beach Avenue and then the fun ends at Sunset Beach Festival Site.

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