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Why You’ll Love Vancouver

7 reasons I fell in love with Vancouver and think you will too


Photo of Vancouver skyline

Vancouver's unique skyline is nestled between the Pacific waters of English Bay and the majestic Coast Mountains.

Photo © Randall Shirley
An Introduction to Paradise. Travelers to Canada's third largest city find a huge variety of unique activities whether they come for work or play in a place sometimes called a resort city.

Spend a few days in Vancouver and you will realize that you are being seduced by this place. You will understand why most Vancouverites (as we are called) have moved here from all over the world. Vancouver is sometimes referred to as a "resort city," a city where no one seems to really work, and everyone is here to play. Many of us, including me, came to visit Vancouver and simply could never bear to leave. 7 reasons why...

#1. Vancouver’s Spectacular Setting and Wild Encounters. The combination of sparkling ocean, gleaming skyscrapers, and soaring mountains blend to create an almost impossible variety of eye-popping scenic views. Beyond the "wow" scenery, more intimate experiences like meeting a family of wild raccoons in Stanley Park or exploring colorful rhododendron gardens create a sense of intimacy with this city. No matter where you are in Vancouver, there is always a great view nearby.

#2. Vancouver’s Olympic Legacy is something you can touch and feel. The excitement of the 2010 Winter Olympics remains strong in the city, and there are many ways for visitors to participate in Olympic-related experiences, from viewing the Olympic Flame Cauldron to a workout in the Olympic Speed Skating Oval which has been repurposed into a community center.

#3. Vancouver Dining: A Foodie Dream City. Vancouver’s incredible dining scene is heavily influenced by two major factors: immigrant culture and fresh seafood, both of these are evident in the huge number of sushi restaurants in Vancouver. Visitors can easily find affordable restaurants from almost every part of the world along Denman Street/restaurant row, or upscale haute cuisine within walking distance of most downtown hotels.

#4. Vancouver’s Many Cultures. The city may be in British Columbia, but British is just one of many cultures that exist in modern Vancouver. Through the magnificent Museum of Anthropology and Stanley Park Totem Poles visitors can easily interact with aboriginal tribal culture. Visitors will also enjoy neighborhoods that are changing through the influence of more recent arrivals including Japanese, Chinese, Punjabi, and Filipino peoples.

#5. Nature Experiences on the City’s Edge. Vancouver’s Coast Mountain Range is beautiful from a distance, but it also offers many activities for visitors, allowing you to experience hiking, mountain biking, skiing/snowboarding, or just a great mountaintop view all within a an hour of downtown Vancouver. In the city, wild experiences can include a stroll through hidden trails of Stanley Park or a swim at English Bay Beach – part of the Pacific Ocean.

#6. Dynamic Vancouver Neighborhoods. From a distance Vancouver’s steel and glass skyscrapers mask the city’s true personality: vibrant, walkable neighborhoods where Vancouverites live, shop, and hang out for hours in coffee shops. The neighborhoods give Vancouver visitors a true sense of the city’s rich history blended with current trends. Visitors will love funky Commercial Drive where skater dudes and Italian grandpas drink coffee side-by-side, Granville Island where locals actually mix with tourists in search of the freshest produce and unique artisan products, and trendy Yaletown where locals browse one-of-a-kind boutiques and dine at the hippest restaurants.

#7. Vancouver is a “Fitness City” for Visitors and Locals. From renting a tandem bike at the Stanley Park Seawall to participating in a yoga class on the beach to sea kayaking on False Creek, Vancouver’s recreational activities make it both fun and easy for visitors to stay in shape. Most of Vancouver’s popular attractions are in easy walking distance of Vancouver’s downtown hotels.
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