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Waterfalls in Wells Gray Provincial Park


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Waterfalls in Wells Gray Provincial Park
Waterfalls in Wells Gray Provincial Park

Like at Helmcken Falls, there is a wooden viewing platform at Spahats Falls.

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Well Gray Provincial Park, located about two hours north of Kamloops, is a world-class destination for waterfall lovers. And not just because of the 145-meter (476-foot) Helmcken Falls, Canada's fourth highest waterfall. This provincial park near Clearwater, British Columbia is home to many impressive, volcanically formed waterfalls, including the wide Dawson Falls and the cliff-sandwiched Spahats Falls.

The park also offers camping, hiking, boating, lakes, wilderness expeditions, comfy accommodations, and lodge restaurants.

Wells Gray Visitor Information Center:
Address: Off Highway 5
Phone: 250-674-2646

Getting There:

From Kamloops, take Highway 5 and travel north for about 120 km (74.5 miles) along the North Thompson River to Clearwater. The Clearwater Valley Road then leads into the provincial park. Total driving time is about two hours from Kamloops, or about six from Vancouver. You can also reach Clearwater from 100 Mile House in the west, via Highway 24 along Sheridan and Bridge lakes.

The park road covers 61 km (40 miles) from the entrance to Clearwater Lake.

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