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Healing Springs Spa Review

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Healing Springs Spa Review

The Healing Springs Spa is situated amongst mature cedar trees, in a building drawing architectural inspiration from local First Nations.

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Located at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort, the Healing Springs Spa builds on the property's aquatic elements with water features and a private mineral bath.

Best for: Fully unwinding before or after a hot springs soak.

Where, When, and How Much:

Address: 100 Esplanade Ave., Harrison Hot Springs
Phone: 604-796-2244
Toll-free: 1-866-638-5075
Price-range: Moderate to expensive


  • Central but quiet location
  • Multiple treatment rooms
  • Private mineral bath
  • Registered massage therapists available
  • Glass of wine with treatments after 11 a.m.


  • Space is fairly small


Healing Springs Spa:

Pull open heavy wooden doors and listen to the sounds of running water. An encounter at the Healing Springs Spa, an upscale spa at Harrison Hot Springs Resort, immediately starts to relieve tension with its water elements, soothing sounds, and soft smells. The spa is at the center of the resort property, and, despite its easy accessibility, it is a retreat from daily life.

Chances are you'll already be feeling relaxed from a soak in the mineral pools. Spa treatments take that a level further, starting at about 30-minutes for a deep-tissue or relaxation massage. Facial treatments, pedicures, and even a healthy lunch can be combined into a longer or full-day escape.

On my visit in August, 2012 I found the staff to be competent, confident, and welcoming. There's a real sense of being in good hands. I experienced a skin care treatment, a thorough and refreshing 45 minutes spent in a low-lit room with the friendly and intuitive practitioner. I'm not a spa-girl, but the practitioner made me feel comfortable and relaxed.

The spa also offer massages, skin care treatments, body wraps, and beauty services. It was great to see that sessions with a registered massage therapist (for getting those insurance receipts!) are also available.

Harrison's Healing Springs Spa is located close to the hotel's mineral pools. Three outdoor pools sit along a boardwalk under mature cedar trees, while the indoor pools are located in the same building as the spa. Day-use spa guests have access to these mineral pools.


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