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Calona Vineyards and Sandhill Tasting Room, Kelowna

Two Okanagan Wineries Share this Kelowna Tasting Room

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Calona Vineyards and Sandhill Tasting Room, Kelowna

At the Calona Vineyards tasting room, you can also sample Sandhill wines.

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This tasting room and mini-museum is a stark contrast to the industrial street where it's located. The wood-toned tasting room pours wines from both Calona Vineyards and Sandhill, allowing visitors to try a good variety of BC wines.


Address: 1125 Richter St., Kelowna
Phone: 250-762-9144
Toll-free: 1-888-246-4472

Tasting Experience

Entering the Calona Vineyards location, you step into a well-stocked wine and gift shop. It's in the second room, where you can sample these wines and learn some of the history behind them.

There are two wine tasting options, one series of wines each from Calona Vineyards and Sandhill. The province's first winery, Calona dates back to 1932. There are lots of neat stories to dig up, and a small museum helps provide some background, including black-and-white photographs, a winery time-line, and antique wine bottles.

The Sandhill wines are higher-end, as each wine is sourced from a single vineyard. The winery's varietals have won numerous national awards and the Calona Vineyards tasting room allows easy access to these.

This is just one of many tasting experiences in Kelowna. Others nearby include Urban Distilleries and Tree Brewing.


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