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Opus Bar Vancouver, British Columbia


Opus Bar and Hotel

Opus Bar and Hotel, Vancouver

Photo Courtesy of Opus Bar


Visit the hip and trendy Opus Bar located within the Opus Hotel. This is where the celebs go out to play. Stars have been seen there such as Zac Efron, Janet Jackson, Demi Moore, R.E.M, and Ashton Kutcher. The bar has funky decor and elite clientele. This the place to be seen in Vancouver, BC. It is chic, and has a gorgeous designer furniture, shimmer screens, and iridescent lighting. You can enjoy music and dance to some of the top DJ's around while sipping on fancy cocktails.


Iridescent lighting, creative cocktails, top DJ's, shimmer screens, live video feeds, glass-walled bathrooms, posh clientele, celebrities, funky decor, close to everything and so much more!


Opus Bar was recently voted “Vancouver’s Most Popular Nightspot” by the ever so famous Zagat Guide. It is open from 9AM to 2AM Sunday through Thursday and 9AM to 3AM Friday and Saturday.
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