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Things to Do in Vancouver

Wondering what to do on a Vancouver vacation? Whether you love active adventures like skiing and hiking, or simply plan to relax at the beach or a world-class spa, you'll find lots of things to do in Vancouver. The attractions, activities, and tours are so plentiful, in fact, you'll want to plan several days (or weeks) to tour the city, see west coast wildlife, cruise the harbor in a boat, shop eclectic neighborhoods, and visit scenic waterfront parks.
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Top Things to Do in Vancouver
What to do while visiting Vancouver? These top activities range from exploring the beaches and hopping on a mini-ferry to eating west coast seafood and learning about the region's rich First Nations history.

Why You’ll Love Vancouver
Vancouver is a city that seduces visitors, tempts them to fall in love with her, and succeeds! Travelers to Canada's third largest city find a huge variety of unique activities whether they come for work or play in a place sometimes called a resort city.

11 Rainy Day Activities in Vancouver
Yes, it rains in Vancouver. But wet weather doesn't affect these rainy day activities, whether it's seeing a thunderous waterfall or touring an indoor tropical garden.

Top 10 Vancouver Attractions: A Visitors Guide
Make sure you visit these top 10 famous Vancouver attractions and enjoy the culture of this vibrant city. There is so much to see when visiting Vancouver! Vancouver has a lot to offer when it comes to sightseeing and tours, and here you will find everything from Vancouver museums and city tours, to famous parks and mountains. Get ready for some...

Top 11 Things to Do in Stanley Park
Spend a full day in Stanley Park, following the seawall to beaches, attractions, and totem poles. The park offers so many things to do for both locals and visitors.

Top Vancouver Museums
Vancouver museums cover the area's history, from the Coast Salish people to the Olympics and everything in-between (be it Victorian-era entrepreneurs, Kitsilano hippies, or unsolved murders).

Vancouver Top Cultural Attractions
Vancouver culture comes to the forefront at the city's outdoor amphitheater in Stanley Park, operatic performances at downtown theaters, and lively Asian-style shopping markets.

Top Vancouver Beaches
Vancouver beaches are busiest in summer, when locals and visitors flock to the sandy shoreline to sun, swim, and socialize.

Things to Do in Downtown Vancouver
Explore the galleries, attractions, and shopping in downtown Vancouver. The city center has excellent public transportation as well as dining, nightlife, and most hotels.

Gastown Attractions and Things to Do
Heritage buildings, busy bars, and souvenir shops make this downtown Vancouver neighborhood popular with visitors. Other Gastown attractions include the Steam Clock and Gassy Jack Statue.

Chinatown Attractions and Things to Do
Explore the alleys, markets, parks, and store displays in Vancouver's Chinatown. The neighborhood is rich with sights, tastes, and smells, making it a fantastic spot to explore for a day.

Things to Do on Granville Island
Granville Island is among Vancouver's top attractions, mainly because the small peninsula in False Creek offers so many things to do. Be among the 10 million annual visitors who come to shop the public market, attend theater performances, and watch artisans at work.

Stanley Park Visitor Guide
With its seawall, giant trees, and totem poles, Stanley Park is the top attraction in Vancouver. This visitor guide introduces what to do, see, and eat in the Vancouver park.

Kitsilano Attractions, Museums, and Shopping
The beach-side neighborhood of Kitsilano offers many things to do. Swim in the saltwater pool, shop West 4th Avenue, and tour local museums.

Things to Do in Vancouver's West End
Beaches, shopping, and the heart of Vancouver's gay community give the West End a strong appeal to visitors.

UBC Attractions and Activities
A natural history museum, First Nations art exhibits, and a clothing-optional beach all find a home among the attractions at the University of British Columbia (UBC).

Things to Do on the North Shore
Explore the mountains, waterfront villages, and salmon rivers of Vancouver's North Shore. Outdoorsy visitors and families love the variety of activities and attractions in North Vancouver and West Vancouver.

Things to Do in Richmond, BC
Richmond's attractions bridge new and old, whether it's the old salmon cannery on the banks of the Fraser River or a fashionable shopping mall off No. 3 Road. The city, just to the south of Vancouver, offers many things to do, places to shop, and activities to enjoy.

Main Street Attractions
Enjoy the residential draws (including late-night restaurants, lovely public parks, and designer shopping) along Main Street. The street is an artery for an artsy, fun neighborhood with lots of local attractions.

Vancouver's Favorite Public Art - in Photos
Few things are as uniting as public art. And you just have to visit the laughing sculptures, Brockton Point totems, or giant engagement rings to find Vancouver's love of public art.

Olympic Legacy: 5 Vancouver Olympic Experiences

The 2010 Olympic Winter Games were Vancouver's big moment in the spotlight. Visitors to the city, and to nearby venue cities of Whistler and Richmond can take advantage of several Olympic-related experiences. Here are my top 5:

Vancouver Cooking Classes
Discover Vancouver's local ingredients, fresh seafood, and international cuisines through cooking classes.

Where to Shoot Classic Vancouver Travel Photos
Where to Shoot Classic Vancouver Travel Photos. Visitors often see beautiful postcards and wonder where they are taken, these five tips will help you get great photos in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

First Nations Attractions in Vancouver
Vancouver's museums, galleries, guided tours, and totem poles introduce First Nations cultures from around BC, Canada, and the world.

Things to Do in New Westminster
Find heritage buildings, a lively riverfront district, and modern restaurants in New Westminster -- the historic first capital of BC.

World War II History in Vancouver
A number of Vancouver parks, places, and museums hold reminders of Canada's WWII history.

Things to Do in Vancouver, British Columbia
Visitors find plenty of things to do in Vancouver, with its world-class museums, impressive parks, lively markets, and varied neighborhoods. Vancouver attractions, activities, and events make a trip to the city both interesting and entertaining.

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