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Main Street Dining

Restaurants and Eateries in Vancouver's Mount Pleasant Neighborhood


Main Street restaurants offers good world cuisines and quality cheap eats, with late-night diners, Indian food buffets, and gourmet doughnuts in between. Plus, Mount Pleasant is one of the best neighborhoods for vegetarians with multiple eateries serving fun and inventive meatless menus.

Great Restaurants in Mount Pleasant:

1. Toshi Sushi

Among the hundreds of sushi restaurants in Vancouver, Toshi's is a clear stand-out for delicately crafted maki and delicious Japanese dishes. The small dining room and sushi bar are generally full. And with no reservations, waits often top 45 minutes or more.
Address: 181 E. 16th Ave.
Phone: 604-874-5173
Cuisine: Sushi
Price-range: Moderate

2. The Acorn

Late-night dining and delectable vegetarian cuisine have quickly set this fairly Main Street restaurant in high estimation. The slim menu presents harvest produce in raw, vegan, and vegetarian dishes. They are also great for cocktails, and do not accept reservations.
Address: 3995 Main St.
Phone: 604-566-9001
Cuisine: Vegetarian
Price-range: Moderate

3. Campagnolo

This casual Italian eatery sits at the fringes of neighborhoods, including Mount Pleasant, but it certainly knows its place when it comes to made-to-order pizzas and rustic, hearty mains. Plus, the restaurant is two blocks from Science World, one of the many things to do near Main Street.
Address: 1020 Main St.
Phone: 604-484-6018
Cuisine: Italian
Price-range: Moderate to expensive

4. All India Sweets

After browsing the shops in the Punjabi Market, also called Vancouver's Little India, stop in for the bargain lunch and dinner vegetarian buffet here. The restaurant serves familiar and far-flung Indian dishes in an all-you-can-eat offering. If you've got room, there's also a dessert case.
Address: 6507 Main St.
Phone: 604-327-0891
Cuisine: Indian
Price-range: Inexpensive

5. Sun Sui Wah

From the family-sized tables in this huge second-floor dining room, you can see tanks of fresh seafood that are the Chinese restaurant's specialty. Although the catch changes with the fishing season, a year-round, non-seafood delicacy is the roasted squab.
Address: 3888 Main St.
Phone: 604-872-8822
Cuisine: Chinese, Dim sum, Seafood
Price-range: Moderate

6. Lucky's Doughnuts

Doughnuts make a perfect mid-afternoon power food when shopping or checking out neighborhood attractions. Enjoy a locally roasted coffee at 49th Parallel along with a creative doughnut by Lucky's -- ranging from apple-bacon fritters to honey crullers.
Address: 2902 Main St.
Phone: 604-872-4901
Cuisine: Dessert
Price-range: Inexpensive

7. Locus

A moody, Gothic interior is a strange setting for a tasty weekend brunch. But the décor is a better fit during late-night service, when the broad-reaching menu draws on world cuisines for eclectic dishes.
Address: 4121 Main St.
Phone: 604-708-4121
Cuisine: Eclectic
Price-range: Moderate to expensive

8. The Foundation

Yet another Main Street vegetarian option where sangria by the pitcher and the nachos (loaded with cheese, beans, and more cheese) are what's famous. Service can be hit-or-miss.
Address: 2301 Main St.
Phone: 604-708-0881
Cuisine: Vegatarian
Price-range: Inexpensive to moderate

9. Lucy's Eastside Diner

This 24-hour eatery serves usual diner fare: all-day breakfast, cheap burgers, and foot-long hot dogs. But retro-style and boozy milkshakes add a bit of extra fun.
Address: 2708 Main St.
Phone: 604-568-1550
Cuisine: Diner
Price-range: Inexpensive
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