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Top Granville Island Restaurants

Where to Find Seafood, Lunch, and Patio Dining on Granville Island


Linger on Granville Island for lunch or dinner to taste some of Vancouver's best food. Fresh, tasty, and local cuisine is pervasive at the island's restaurants. For excellent seafood (spanning cheap to expensive), there's no better destination. And whether you're wanting a quick lunch or romantic waterfront dinner, you'll find a Granville Island restaurant that fits your tastes.

Top Granville Island Restaurants:

1. Granville Island Public Market

photo Chloë Ernst
It's not a traditional restaurant, but there's certainly no end of food at the Granville Island Public Market. Vendors are set up food-court-style, with tables in the center. Small kitchens offer Indian curries, grilled sausages, and over-loaded sandwiches. If the weather is nice, you can have an easy picnic lunch on the docks. Just beware of the unrelenting seagulls.
Address: 1669 Johnston St.
Phone: 604-666-6477
Cuisine: Everything
Price-range: Inexpensive
Hours: Daily 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. (closed Mondays during winter)

2. Edible Canada

© Chloë Ernst
What's local and in-season will likely be on the menu at this Granville Island restaurant. But the kitchen is sufficiently experimental too, so you might find candied bacon in your Caesar or deep-fried spot prawn heads. Delicious is a guarantee. They also give chef-guided tours of the Granville Island Public Market.
Address: 1596 Johnston St.
Phone: 604-682-6681
Cuisine: Pacific Northwest, Canadian
Price-range: Expensive

3. The Sandbar

For dining or just drinks, Sandbar's patio is an island hot spot with wide sweeping views of Yaletown and False Creek. But setting aside, there's also interesting cuisine and excellent seafood at this reliable, upscale restaurant. Anywhere you can order a fresh seafood tower (loaded with lobster, oysters, crab, and mussels) scores big with me.
Address: 102 - 1535 Johnston St.
Phone: 604-669-9030
Cuisine: Seafood
Price-range: Moderate-expensive

4. Go Fish

This little shack is near the Fishermen's Wharf, and not technically on Granville Island. But then again, the island isn't really an island. That aside, walk under the Granville Street Bridge and follow the seawall west to Go Fish for fresh, tasty fish and chips -- with options for salmon, cod, or halibut. Be prepared for outdoor seating and long lines.
Address: 1505 West 1st Ave.
Phone: 604-730-5040
Cuisine: Seafood
Price-range: Inexpensive

5. Tony's Fish & Oyster Café

This is another Granville Island staple for fish and chips (if you haven't already had your fill). The dining room is basic and casual. And the menu covers the seafood classics: scallops, oysters, chowder, and clams.
Address: 1511 Anderson St.
Phone: 604-683-7127
Cuisine: Seafood
Price-range: Inexpensive-moderate

6. Bistro 101

Chefs-in-training staff this restaurant, part of the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts. You'll find reasonably priced, but high-quality food -- though menus don't tend to have many options. Note that the restaurant may be closed for extended periods during student vacation.
Address: 101 - 1505 West 2nd Ave
Phone: 604-734-0101
Cuisine: Eclectic
Price-range: Moderate

7. Restaurants by Mini-ferry

On Granville Island, you're also handy to Kitsilano restaurants (a short walk along West 4th Avenue), and Yaletown restaurants (accessible by mini-ferry). The latter option is certainly the most fun, where you hop aboard a small boat to chug across False Creek. For more dining near Granville Island, try:
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